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Sound System Design and Structural Vibration Measurement

Papers and Publications
See our published work including "Effective Acoustic Planning and Design for Healthcare Facilities."

Complex Problems, Sound Solutions

At a Glance:

The Papadimos Group provides complete acoustic and vibration consulting services for a broad spectrum of clients and projects throughout the US.

We develop specialized low-noise, low vibration solutions for technically-driven projects. Our team of trained experts determines appropriate ways to either reduce or eliminate noise and vibration in most built environments. We typically approach each project by:

  • Employing sophisticated measurement techniques and proven scientific practices to determine our analysis, results, and recommendations.
  • Integrating municipal requirements from the outset to ensure compliance with all codes and regulations
  • Drawing on diverse experience across many applications in both the public and private sectors—from complex health care, biotech, research laboratory and academic facilities to industrial, commercial, mixed-use and residential settings of all sizes
  • Combining small firm attentiveness with larger firm capabilities and support

Representative clients include architects and engineers, environmental planners, cities and other governmental agencies, building owners and developers, contractors and construction managers, and product designers.